SkyLine Roleplay is a FiveM (5 Reborn) server that was founded and created as a small project in the summer of 2020. Since late summer 2021 SkyLine Roleplay have grown to 300+ members and it's still growing fast! The roleplay in SkyLine RP is very unique and very realistic, we are a vMenu based server but we still offer great roleplay. We also provide cool and useful resources and assets so everyone can make a good roleplay scene. We are a FiveM Roleplay server that is straving to be the best roleplay server on the platform. Lucas started this server as a small side project durring the summer of 2020 but since late summer/early autumn in 2021 we got a good and stable Administration Team and started working on the server more and more. We worked on shaping the server to it's perfect form so we could release it. In August 2021 the server was ready so we released the server to the public.