News & Updates

SLRP - New Discord Server

As SkyLine Roleplay is getting remade and re released we felt that it was a good idea to get a new discord server as the old one was cluttered and filled with bots and alt accounts. This is just for us to get a new and fresh start and not have issues with the old things. The new discord server can be accessed from: or by using the Discord button at the top of the website.

Lucas Malmberg


SLRP - Whitelist Update

As many of you guys already know, the server will be going whitelisted shortly. This is because we want to improve quality Roleplay in SkyLine Roleplay and get rid of all the FailRP and rule breaking. We think that this will be improved by making the server whitelisted meaning that everyone needs to apply to get in the server. The current planned date of the whitelist update/release is 01/14/2022 but this may change if issues occur. I am currently working on the rest of the update and not the actual whitelist as I have decided to release a lot of different things and change the whole server. This big server update will hopefully improve the quality of everything and get the server more active.

Lucas Malmberg


SLRP - Development Application Release

Today is the day we are releasing the very requested Development Application for SkyLine Roleplay. We will now be accepting developers into the team, at start no one will be getting any sort of special access to the servers where we have our in-game server, website, discord bots and more but that might be coming in the future. The Head Developer role will also not be given out straight away as I need to find someone that I think would suit that rank and role. You can apply with this link:

Lucas Malmberg